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To my customers:

I have enjoyed meeting you and working on your computers.  I thank you for your business.  I am now compelled to tell you that I am getting out of the business of fixing computers and communications systems.  

Likewise, I am no longer taking on new websites to create and maintain.  I will continue to support existing websites and will keep my hosting arrangements intact.  So if I have done your website and support/host it, nothing will change. 

This will reduce my workload 80+% and will allow me to deal with people with whom I have good working relationships.

I have been asked if there is anyone that I would recommend here in Glen Rose or in the surrounding area.  I cannot in good conscious recommend anyone. I am sure there are good techs out there that do not charge exorbidant prices, but I simply do not know them.


World Community Grid  We support humanitarian computing through the World Community Grid along with the NSF National Science Foundation
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